Web Accessibility Directive:
Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions and answers on the EU Web Accessibility Directive.

The objective of this website is to support the implementation of the Directive and to provide reliable information and resources to those involved in buying, designing and monitoring websites or mobile applications, as well as users. This website is maintained by the Web Accessibility Initiative - Communities of Practice (WAI-CooP) Project.

20. How do I write an accessibility statement?

The European Commission published an implementing decision setting out a model accessibility statement for the Web Accessibility Directive.

The declarations made in this statement should be accurate and based on one of the following:

  1. an actual evaluation of the website's or mobile application's compliance with the requirements of the Directive, such as a self-assessment done by the public sector body or an assessment carried out by a third party, for example a certification
  2. any other measures, as deemed appropriate by the Member States, which provide equal assurance that the declarations made in the statement are accurate.

The statement should indicate the method used.

The model accessibility statement is described in the annex of the implementing decision. It includes mandatory content requirements and optional content.

The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has more information about accessibility statements and why they are helpful, as well as an accessibility statement generator.

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